Is fur fashionable this year?

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Can We Lesser Mortals wear fur without looking like the “honey monster?”

It’s winter again, and with it comes the spectre of cheap acrylic fur gracing the hoods of many bargain parka coats. I’ve written blog before about fake fur, because as a style consultant, no matter what the fashion is that year, I can’t stand scratchy artificial fur that looks like you’ll get an electric shock if you touch it!! This year there are some lovely fur items out on the high street, and they don’t need to look real. It’s fine if they aren’t expensive, and are all different fur lengths and colours. This year, I think some of the shorter haired versions are much nicer and softer. You can wear your fur item on a black tie “do”, but you can also sling it on over jeans for a casual “look” or even when you’re off to the office or on the school pick up.

Here are some I found in the shops at the moment.

fur Next coatfaux fur Dotty P coat

  1. Wavy faux fur jacket. Next. £78. A very casual coat made of acrylic and modacrylic, it is very slim fitting on the body and sleeves with a funnel neck. Available in regular, petite, and tall lengths, and in sizes 6-22. Due to it’s slim silhouette, this is probably next for boyish figures.
  2. Longline faux fur coat. Dorothy Perkins, £59.  100% polyester. Available in port and peacock colours. Cream is available in petite and long too. Sizes 6-22. Dry clean only. Will suit boyish and apple shapes.

fur Next short jacketfur ted baker jacket

  1. Animal faux fur jacket. £35. Next. For those less keen on the flu on fur thing, this is more like a cardi with interest. It has a V neck to break up chest areas, and is soft and floppy like a cardi. Worn with the right shape bottoms, this could suit pear shape, top heavy and boyish figures.
  2. Faux astrakan jacket. £199. Ted Baker. Sizes 6-16. Acetate, polyester, cotton mix. Dry clean only. Again, a good alternative to a cardi. The block cut, means it probably won’t suit ladies with large chests, but will suit boyish, and depending on what you wear underneath and on the bottom, may suit pear and apple shapes.

fur gloves Ted bakerfur long scarf nextfur whistles clutch

  1. Jannia Faux fur trimmed gloves. £69. Ted Baker. 2 sizes available. colours: black, grey, navy, beige, and mid red. The outer is leather, and the inner a wool/cashmere mix. The trim is faux fur. These stylish gloves would look great making a statement with a black leather jacket.
  2. Navy long faux fur scarf. £20. Next. Acrylic, modacrylic, and polyester. Who doesn’t like a soft fluffy fur around their neck?
  3. Faux fur clutch. £50. Whistles. Available in pink, blue, black and leopard. 20cm x 33cm. 100% polyester. The classic black is not too scary for anyone at a New Year bash, or simply sitting on the table whilst you have a nice meal out with your partner.

It’s important for Lesser Mortals to look up to date, but not ridiculous. And there is so much fur around, that you won’t stick out like a sore thumb, but will look stylish and elegant. Since a lot is man made, you should be able to chuck it in the washing machine if you get baby food on you! Yes – you can be a stylish mum with a buggy! Hoping this has brought out the inner animal in you. If you want any more advice, or wish to comment, then the comment bubble underneath is good, or via my website

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How do I wear metallic fashions this autumn?

Can We Lesser Mortals wear metallics without looking like a Christmas turkey?

Last year I wrote about metallics, so it’s nice to know that a trend isn’t always a one season wonder, and you will get your money’s worth from items you buy. Image consultants and style consultants are usually able to steer you in the right direction, and save you money in the long term, so are a worthwhile investment. You’ll always get some wear out of metallics, as they can be worn at Christmas every year, but as they are currently a fashion trend, you can wear them during the day. My fashion advice, as always, if you want to avoid looking like an extra in a Star Wars movie “less is more”, and this applies the older you get, but also means if you are less confident about standing out, you can show you know what’s in fashion, but not draw too much attention to yourself. Below are some ideas:

metallic ted baker dress metallic pleat Next skirt

  1. Isslay metallic houndstooth dress. £159. Ted Baker. Polyester, cotton, metalised fibres. Machine washable. Size 6-16. Suit boyish and pear shapes, but due to length, be careful if you have chunky legs.
  2. Midi pleat skirt. £45. Next. Polyester elastane mix. Size 6-18. Some great reviews on line, and the skirt drapes beautifully. Will suit top heavy, boyish, and some pear shapes as it should hang gracefully over your hips.

metallic cable next jumpermetallic T shirt KM

  1. Metallic cable trapeze jumper.£45.Next.  Sizes 6-22. Petite, regular and tall length. Available in blue and silver. Cotton acrylic mix. Will suit apple shapes, tall ladies, and boyish. If pear shapes would like it longer to hide hips, buy a “tall” size. Petite ladies watch the chunky pattern doesn’t drown you.
  2. Metallic boxy sweatshirt. £65. Karen Millen. Sizes 6-16. elastane, polyester, cotton, viscose. Machine washable. With skinny jeans it will suit boyish shapes, but with wide leg trousers and A-line skirts, pear shapes can wear too.

metalliic handbag coast metallic all saints jeans

  1. Leather Tanya handbag. £75. Coast. Leather. Comes in white with black strap. A fashionable clutch bag which can be used for lunch dates and evenings out.
  2. Brodie jean in Mulberry. £98. All Saints. SIzes 4-14 or waist 24-32″. A coated jean made in cotton, polyester, elastane, polyurethane. Very stretchy skinny fit, lowish rise and crop length. Delicate wash. Would suit anyone who normally squeezes into skinnies, but probably best on tall top heavy or boyish figures.

I’d love some feedback on your thoughts on metallics – would you wear them? Also do you like the new blog layout. Is it confusing? I may be experimenting with layout over the next few months, so don’t worry you’ve got the wrong blog!! Comments can be keyed on via the “comment” bubble at the end of this post. I can also be contacted via my web site and via Facebook.

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What shoes are fashionable this year?

Can We Lesser Mortals wear flat shoes without looking like a librarian?

Depending on your age, Lesser Mortals may remember Naomi Campbell falling on her tush during the Vivienne Westwood runway show. And when you look at her shoes, you can see why!! It’s hard as an image consultant, to recommend flats , when vertiginous heels are “de rigeur”and all the rage, but HURRAH – flats are in and “a la mode”. Of course, you should always be able to walk in your shoes, or else you look like a teenager in her first pair of heels, or a transvestite experimenting for the first time. Lesser Mortals will always worry they look like a librarian, WPC or Miss Marple. So look carefully at how funky the shoes are in the first place ( I don’t think you could say Stella McCartney’s above, are frumpy?), and what you wear them with. I think skinnies always look “mod-ish”, flat pumps go with virtually anything, loafers – steer away from the twinset and pearls please, and brogues work well with skinnies, wide legs and feminine dresses (20 year olds can wear brogues and tweed – 50 year olds should think twice). If in doubt, chose a racy colour – silver anyone? Midi length skirts can look fogey-ish with flats, but lots of loafer and brogues, come with a 2″ heel, which should solve that problem. Here are a few styles on the high street just now.

flatties next metallic flatteis carvela

  1. Metallic Heritage loafers. £30. Next. Available in black and green suede. Black are available in wide fit too. from size 3-9 and some half sizes.
  2. Carvela Cassie leather croc print loafers. £85. John Lewis. Available in black and navy. From sizes 3-8.

flatties office monk shoe flatties Next kilt shoe

  1. Vancouver brogue monk black patent shoe. £55. Office. leather upper. Sizes 3-8.
  2. Black leather luxe point shoe. £60. Next. Premium leather upper. Sise 3.5 -8.

flatties clarkes suede pumps flatties brogues clarkes

  1. Compass zone Ox blood flat pump. £39.99. Clarks. Sizes 2-9, in half size and wide fit. Also available in black suede and smart black leather.
  2. Griffin mabel midnight suede brogue. £49.99. Clarks. size 2-9 with half sizes. Also available in green in wide fit.

I hope this has given you some inspiration for fashionable flats. There is no need to wear your crocs now, whilst out shopping…….  For more ideas and inspiration, you can follow on Facebook and Pinterest, but I can personally re-invent your wardrobe, if you book a wardrobe detox with me through my web site

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How do I wear 60’s retro clothes?

Can We Lesser Mortals wear 60’s retro without looking like an extra in Quadrophenia??


60's quadrophenia

Now I’m not saying I’m old enough to have watched Quadrophenia, but some of you will be, and are probably cringing at the thought of copying the fashions, or are possibly lusting after memories of Sting. Well, as is always the way, some people ( probably in their 20’s) will be trawling the charity shops and embracing the trend whole heartedly, but modern retailers will just take inspiration from the idea and apply it to the 21st century. I think Louis (Vuitton- photo above) has made quite a desirable range of clothes, even for Lesser Mortals (all shapes and sizes and ages)- I mean the models aren’t wearing dustbins on their heads or anything, and so I reckon I can embrace this trend. You may have noticed that the 60’s were an era when the hems were short – so perhaps you need to tread carefully. They were also a time for square cut or shapeless shifts, so although hourglass figures may get away with wearing these styles, as an “image consultant”, I need to say they may not be the most flattering shape for you. Pear shapes Mortals can eat your heart out! If you’ve got nice legs, then “30 plus”,”40 plus”& “50 plus” age groups – go for it!!  (there are always opaques….). Oh – and do I need to mention you can wear flat shoes with them?

60's bistro trs Boden 60's A line Hobbs skirt

  1. Bistro crop trouser. £59-£89. Boden. Sizes 6-22, reg and long. Don’t confuse with the non crop version- I find they’re a bit too mumsy for me. 11 different colours, plain and patterned. Team with flat pumps, sling backs, loafers. Embrace a chignon! Cotton/elastane mix, dry clean only. Half lined. Suit boyish and top heavy best.
  2. Tian A line skirt. Hobbs. £99. Sizes 8-18. Wool nylon mix, dry clean only. Available in pumpkin and bluebell. For the full 60’s vibe, flat knee boots and a jumper with pockets at front! Suits pear shapes best, but boyish and top heavy may get away with too.

60's T bar shoes Top shoop 60's knit cardi karen Millen

  1. Joyful glitter T bar heels. Top shop. £45.  sizes 36-42. 100% polyurethane.  The modern translation would be to wear with trousers, but for a 60’s vibe, an A line shift or skirt with coloured tights is perfect. You can wear any colour with these, including black. (I know – it may seem odd, but honest, it is acceptable these days)
  2. Woven pocket knit cardi. £99. Karen Millen. Sizes 1-4. Nylon viscose mix, hand washable. I remember my Grandad having a cardi like this, that my big sister kept nicking. Pretty well any body shape could get away with this, and wear with skinnies, crop 60’s style trousers, skirts.

60's shift Hobbs shift 60's fuschia shift Next

  1. Nancy Dress. £139. Hobbs. Sizes 8-18. 100% wool.  Dry clean only. Suits pear shapes.
  2. Sleeveless roll neck dress. £38-£40. Next. Sizes 8-22. Sold out on-line.  Polyester viscose elastane mix. Available in yellow print and black. Best for pear shapes, and possible boyish and apple shapes.

60's black shift warehouse60's collared shirt Ted baker

  1. Button detail shift. Warehouse. £50. Sizes 6-18. Polyester, viscose, elastane mix. Machine wash. A 60’s inspired shift, with gold button detail, which you could wear a shirt underneath. Probably a bit too office-like for every day. Suit boyish figures and slightly pear shaped.
  2. Currie lace tunic. £139. Ted Baker. Sizes 6-16. Viscose, polyamide, elastane mix. Cool hand wash. Great if you get cold or hate the top of your arms. Suits pear shapes and boyish figures.

Which one could you see yourself wearing? I like the colour of the Next pink dress, but would probably go for the Grandad cardi or crop trousers. (but remember I’m a different shape to you) Is there anything you’ve seen in store, but aren’t sure how to wear, or whether it would suit you? I’m happy to reply to comments.  I have  just started a Welessermortals Pinterest account. For any more info about me

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Are checks in fashion this Autumn?

Can I wear dogtooth and houndstooth without looking like a chessboard?

There is a big fashion direction this year towards retro 60’s and checks, so this is where dogtooth and houndstooth fit in. There doesn’t seem to be any difference between them, but smaller check versions are apparently called puppy tooth! You can see from the above photo, there is a fine line between wearing too much…and getting it right. My fashion advice would be to wear less or more subtle versions as you get older, and leave the “full on” trend to the youngsters! Obviously, as a style consultant too, you need to look at what you wear it with, as well as your body shape! It is a trend though, that is quite classic and sophisticated, so if you prefer timeless pieces, this trend will be for you.

Here are some high street ideas, which I think are very wearable.

dogtooth john lewis ph 8 dressdogtooth pahse 8 dress

  1. Caley check dress. Currently on price match £63.20. Normally £80. Phase 8 at John Lewis. polyester, viscose, elastane mix. Hand washable. Zip at back. Sizes 8-18. Suits an hourglass figure, as well as being slightly longer in length and hiding the top of your arms. Would look great with a little red belt round the middle.
  2. Davina waffle dress. Currently £71.20 from £89. Phase eight. Polyester elastane mix. Sizes 8-18. A lovely variation of dogtooth in a different colour.  3/4 length sleeves. Suit boyish figures.

dogtooth ph8 jl coatdogtooth sleevelss coat temperly

  1. Bellona check coat. Phase eight at John Lewis. £104 on a price match. Normally £130. Wool polyester and acrylic. Sizes 8-18. Would suit a pear shape best.
  2. Over sized knitted jacket. £110. Somerset by Alice Temperley at John Lewis. Sizes S-L. Mixture of wool. acrylic, cashmere, nylon, viscose, cotton. Machine washable. Suit taller apple shapes. You could layer over a jumper, or even over a leather jacket or black coat for extra warmth. There is a trend for sleeveless coats this year.

dogtooth top shop trousersdogtooth JL jigsaw biker jkt

  1. Dogtooth cigarette trousers. Top Shop. £42. Polyester. acrylic, elastane. Sizes 4-16, and I saw it in petite too. Machine washable. Would suit top heavy ladies, boyish figures, and maybe some hourglass or slightly pear shapes could get away with. Karen Millen do something similar, but obviously more expensive. These are really classic, and would look great with flats or heels, office wear or evening!
  2. Dogtooth wollen Biker Jacket. Jigsaw at John Lewis. £169. 100% wool. Sizes S – L. Dry clean only. Suits boyish, some slight pear shapes, and hourglass.

dogtooth topshop scarf


  • Monochrome Dogtooth scarf. Top shop. £22. Dogtooth too much for you? Try a scarf to cosy up in winter. Available with a blue edge as well as pink. 100% acrylic.

Have you tried dogtooth before? Are there any items here you like, but want some advice on what to wear it with? Then put a comment below, and I’ll get back to you. Have you bought any pieces I’ve recommended and found the articles useful?

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