What maxi will suit my body shape?

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Photos of maxi dresses on the catwalk, courtesy of Vogue.co.uk – Kenzo, TommyHilfiger, Blumarine and Etro

Can We Lesser Mortals get maxed out in a maxi, whatever our age or shape???

To wear a maxi, or not to wear a maxi? That is the question. And “Heck yes”, is the answer. Lots of lovely ladies are saying “oh no, I am too old for a maxi”, but I don’t remember that stopping anyone in the 70’s? (ok, I may only just be able to remember what everyone was wearing in the 70’s, as I was still into knee socks and short skirts…but wait a minute – I do remember having a very fetching maxi dress for a 9 year old birthday party I went to – it matched my sister’s.) Anyway, the Brits love a maxi, because in this country, there is the eternal problem of white legs and whether to wear tights or fake tan, and did you shave your legs? A maxi dress or skirt, can solve that problem in a trice! If you are still slightly worried, there are loads of dresses in the shops at the moment, which stop just above the ankle bone, so not quite a maxi, and these may ease you gently into longer lengths. Other Mortals may feel out of place in a maxi dress, which to be honest, I do. But I love to wear a maxi skirt, and this gives me the ability to de-femininise it by wearing a denim shirt or leather jacket. Maxi skirts also solve the problem of having tops and bottoms which are different sizes. Can you wear a maxi dress if you are tall or small? Well, vertically challenged ladies, need a dress with very little volume in (like a column shape) and are best wearing some heels or flatforms (sandals with a thick sole) to elongate and lengthen them. (see the Next dress below). Very tall ladies who want a full length maxi need to look at the ranges for tall ladies ( see Next dress below, but I also noticed Top Shop have a range for ladies 5’10 and up!!) otherwise it can look like your dress has shrunk in the wash! I just want to add that the nylon maxi dresses can be very cool and airy compared to very heavy T shirt fabric. On the other hand, the knitted or crochet dresses below can add a bit of warmth for a British summer. Unsure of your arms – a silky bomber jacket or shrug works well with a maxi.

Do let me know what you think? As always, guess which my favourite is! Follow this link here to see how I style my maxi up.

maxi karen millenmaxi Zara

  1. Floral print maxi skirt. £175. Karen Millen. Size 6-16. 100% polyester. Dry clean only. This is good for most body shapes, but the 3 tiered skirt adds volume over your legs (not hips), so will balance out a big bust, and allow you to choose a top to fit you. And a top like the one shown, will work to balance out pear shapes.
  2. Striped maxi dress. £49.99. Zara Size S-L. Not in store yet – keep an eye out! The stripes on the bottom will broaden your hips, and the thick stretchy shoulder straps allow for good bra support, so this will suit top heavy and hourglass best. Try adding a belt to emphasis your waist.

maxi Zara 2zara maxi 3

  1. Multi coloured stripe dress. £49.99. Zara. Size S-L. Viscose polyester mix. Machine washable. This dress is good for hourglass ladies as it nips in over your waist. Boyish can wear, if you have a decent bust.
  2. Tie dye maxi dress. £89.99 Zara. Size S-L. 100% viscose. Dry clean only. The top part of the dress is eye catching so this dress will suit pear shapes and boyish figures.

maxi monsoonmaxi oasis

  1. Rhiannon jersey maxi dress. £69. Monsoon Size S-XL. Viscose elastane mix. Machine washable. The clever print on this dress, makes bodies look longer and slimmer, and it nips in just under the bust. So this dress is good for apple shapes.
  2. V & A placement print maxi dress. Was £95 now £76. Oasis. Size 6-16. 100% polyester. Machines washable. The red panel in the middle draws attention to the hips. and the cut of the top, shows off shoulders, so this will suit boyish best.

maxi Nextmaxi FCUK

  1. Grey print maxi dress. £28. Next Size 6-22 in Petite, and Tall lengths. Viscose elastane mix. This dress will suit ladies of any height, and the long column shape makes petite ladies look taller (NB – wedge sandals??). It can be worn with a belt, to break up the height of tall ladies
  2. Kiki Palm rushed maxi dress. £160. French Connection Size 6-16. 100% viscose. Dry clean only. This will suit tall ladies, as the model is 5’10” and the dress still touches the floor. Also great for big busts, and it tucks neatly under the bust line and has wide shoulders for good bra support.

So are you a maxi convert? Have I persuaded you to have a try? Do you disagree with anything I’ve said? Do let me know. Or if you want a one to one with me as an Image Consultant or advice on line, contact me here.

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