Awesome Sale Bargains to snap up TODAY

sale bargain jan 2017

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Can We Lesser Mortals grab Sales Bargains we will wear again?

Happy New Year! Did you rush to the sales and snap up some sale items? I didn’t. Partly I’m recovering from the expense of the festivities and gift overload, but the other factor is that I find the paltry reductions straight after Christmas, not worth getting out of bed for. Now, however, things are beginning to hot up, and with February pay packet looming on the horizon, it’s a good time to trawl the online sale pages, or trot to the shops.


I was nearly palpitating at some of the savings you can get right now, from the more expensive High Street Stores. Some are resolutely hanging on to a maximum of 50% off, which on a leather jacket of £5-600 still costs a lot of money, but others are really trying to clear stock before launching their Spring range. And so there are some fabulous sale bargains to be had. I have picked out a few and couldn’t wait to tell you about them, as they are AMAZING!! If you click before tonight 24th January, Karen Millen is offering another 30% off.

What to buy?

First of all, you could tell yourself you’ll manage with the coat you’ve got, till next year. But trends don’t change that much, and you can bet your bottom dollar they will cost more next year. Consequently, on the run up to Christmas, with outgoings for presents, it will become less of a priority. Hence it’s good idea to buy more expensive winter items now, even moving towards the end of the season. Moreover, we will still have 3 months of cold weather. In addition, the other thing to look out for, are items you can wear in summer – pastel colours, new trends etc, and make your saving early. So to conclude, go on – have a look today. Most sizes were still available when I wrote this, but you’ll still need to be quick.

sale bargain jan 2017 coast coatsale gargains 2017 KM Coat

  1. Reah Mono Coat. Reduced from £179 to £79. Coast Sizes 6-18. Acetate wool polyester mix. Dry clean only. Great for boyish shapes
  2. Knitted Geo wrap coat. Reduced from £299 to £145 but till midnight tuesday 24th, another 30% off on line. Karen Millen  Size 6-16. Acrylic, polyester wool cotton mix. Dry clean only. Great for apple shapes, but good for other shapes too.

sale bargains 2017 clutch lk bennetsale bargains 2017 reiss jumper

  1. Fiona Leopard clutch. Reduced from £245 to £95. Lk Bennet 100% leather. Does leopard print ever go out of fashion?
  2. Harlow white jumper. Reduced from £110 to £40. Reiss  Size XS – L. Wool viscose nylon elastane mix. Hand wash. White is perfect for summer & white is a trend colour for 2017. This jumper is a relaxed shape so fits most body shapes but works well on pear shapes and boyish.

slae bargains 2017 reiss shirtsale bargain 2017 reiss

  1. Ella Light apricot satin shirt. Reduced from £160 to £60. Reiss Size 6-14 100% silk. A silk shirt for £60???? Bargain, and this colour is great for work or for a summer shirt over skinny jeans. Suits most body shapes.
  2. Tarquin ice pink chain dress. Reduced from £180 to £50. Thats 70% off…..aaargh. Size 4-14. 100% polyester. Dry clean. A great colour for summer, and multi purpose uses. Great for boyish figures, but may suit other shapes too.(hourglass can fit, but it hides your curves)

sale bargains 2017 whistels jeanssale bargains 2017 whistles dress

  1. Cropped wide leg jean. Reduced from £95 to £25. Whistles Size 24-34″. Denim – machine washable. This cut of jean is going to be big this summer. High waists won’t suit you if you have a large tummy. This will be suit most other body shapes.
  2. Teagen one shoulder dress. Reduced from £150 to £45. Whistles. Size 4-16 to order from store. 100% polyester dry clean. These jewel colours on trend this summer, so this dress is great for summer parties and winter ones too. The frill will add volume to your chest so the style is good for pear shapes, and maybe boyish.

sale bargains 2017 Carvela bootsale bargains 2017 KG brogue

  1. Petro low heeled ankle boot. Reduced from £160 to £49. Carvela 100% leather. Size 2-9. How can you not love these? They will be great in winter with jeans, but you can also wear with bare legs in summer ( depending on your age!!)
  2. Larissa white brogue. Reduced from £89 to £29. Kurt Geiger. Upper is described as snake print, but no idea of whether leather or not. Stacked soles are big this summer. And brogues are great with bare legs.

So get trawling, and make your massive savings now. Check the returns policy – no point saving on items if you have to pay to return. If you want any advice, you can contact me through my image consultant web site

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10 metallic fashions to pack a punch


Metallic images courtesy of Vivienne westwood Lanvin, Valentino and Saint Laurent

Can We Lesser Mortals wear a Metallic, without looking like we’ve just finished a marathon & are wrapped in a survival blanket?

Metallics are quite a scary trend aren’t they? They really draw attention to you, and oh boy, if you get it wrong……..SO – here is a little advice to help you work out whether you can carry off a metallic item of clothing, or whether you’re going to look like a Quality Street wrapper.

First of all – gold or silver? If you are freckly, red, auburn, chestnut headed, brown/green/hazel eyes, and generally warm toned – then gold is for you (this is a guide, not conclusive) If you are very pale skinned, have blue veins which show under your skin, have grey/blonde/black hair, grey/blue eyes – then silver is the colour for you. Also think about whether gold or silver jewellery suits you best, and use that as a guide.

If you have very strong features, and are dark skinned, or have bright eyes, then a bold shiny metallic is good for you, If however, your features disappear  without make up, and your hair and skin blur together, a flatter, toned down metallic will suit you better. Of course, you can avoid confusion and choose to wear the metallic item away from your face (i.e. trousers or skirt). If you choose to wear a metallic coat or jacket, then wear a coloured scarf that suits you.

If you are worried you’ll look daft – a metallic belt, handbag or shoes shows you know what’s in fashion, & can make you look younger. I would suggest that those older Lesser Mortals go less for the full on bling metallic anyway, and maybe accessorise with metallics as a way to express their inner fashionista!

Click here to see how I style up my metallic skirt and here to see how I style up a metallic T shirt.

Which outfit would you choose? Please let me know in the comments box, below.


  1. Kendal pleated silver dress. £89. Monsoon. Size 8-18. Hand washable. This dress has a V neck and fitted bodice, with a fluid pleated skirt, and will suit hourglass, and some pear shape or boyish shaped ladies.
  2. Pink metallic wrap slip dress. £32. River Island. Size 6-18. Polyester elastane mix. Machine washable. The bodice on this dress is much looser fitting, and therefore more forgiving. This will suit hourglass and some boyish and pear shapes.


  1. Gold plunge wrap dress. £38. River Island.  Size 6-18. Polyester elastane mix. Machine washable. Available in silver too. This ties at the waist, and the V neck makes it suitable for bigger busts and hourglass.
  2. Becca Batwing dress. £89. Phase Eight. Size 8-18. 9 other colours – viscose nylon mix, machine washable. A more casual style, this will suit boyish  shaped ladies.


  1. Metallic pyjama shirt. £46. Top Shop. Size 4-16. and petite and tall sizes. 100% polyester. Machine washable. This relaxed shirt with V neck will suit most body shapes,
  2. Pewter pleated skirt. £46. Next. Size 6-22. Polyester elastane mix. I think this is machine washable, but it doesn’t say on the web site. This skirt is quite a heavy weight, and has a solid waist band. It will suit hourglass, top heavy and boyish. It may also suit some pear shapes, as the pleats fall nicely from the hips downwards.


  1. Silver metallic super skinny jean. £24. Next. Size 6-22 , regular, long and extra long lengths. Cotton, polyester, elastane mix. Machine washable. These will suit top heavy and boyish best.
  2. Silver faux suede bomber jackets. Reduced to £30. River Island. size 8-18. 100% polyester. Machine washable. Running out of stock…!!! Bomber jackets can be worn just like a cardi, so will suit most body shapes.


  1. Flatform penny loafer. £70. Dune. Size 3-8. Leather upper. Not so in “in your face” so will suit everyone!
  2. Mayfair chrome heeled boots. £82. Top Shop  Size 2-9. Leather upper. These are perfect if you find metallics all a bit much.

So go on – give metallics a go. So many ladies are set in their ways, or dress prematurely older than their age, and no-one wants to look 10 years older than they actually are. So push the boat out and experiment If you’d like me to come and help, or have a Skype chat, then contact me through my website. here

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8 booty-liscious women’s boots to lust after!!

boots roberto cavalliboots givenchyboots ralphboots dior

Photos from – roberto cavalli  Givenchy, Ralph Lauren & Dior

Can We Lesser Mortals find some eye catching gorgeo-liscious women’s boots?

Who doesn’t luuurve wearing a totes gorgeous pair of women’s boots in the winter? I love wondering round shoe shops with nice quality boots on sale, and inhaling the smell of fresh leather….(ok – I might have bit of a fetish….less said the better), or lusting after a pair of coloured suede women’s boots even if I always end up with black!! I’m attracted like a magpie to heeled ankle boots…till I realise I can’t walk round town for hours in them. But maybe the January sales is a good time to “re-boot”? (ok, bad pun – been at the sherry too much)

If you’re like me however, it can be a nightmare, getting a pair to fit your calves. I’ve noticed loads of women wearing knee boots which are, quite honestly, too big for them, and look like wellies. That’s ok if you are going for a biker style, and tucking your jeans in, but not a good look if you are wearing opaque tights. I think ladies with more muscular calves struggle too, and quite often burst the zips, which is frustrating. There are a few ideas you can look at. A good cobbler can take the zip out, and take your boots in a cm or two, and that’ll cost about £25-£30. Or, and very short pair of leg warmers can fill in a little gap around your calves if worn over opaque tights. The same problem can apply to ankle boots, as some of them are designed to fit snuggly round your ankles and not gape. Ladies with wider calves may fine ankle boots solve their particular problem, and they are still a trend item, looking fab with a pencil skirt. Jones Bookmaker offer a couple of women’s boot styles with a slimmer leg option, Next also offer a wider calf fitting with their wider fit range of shoes and boots. But if you can afford it, my favourite for women’s boots, is Ted and Muffy. There are branches in London, Bath and Edinburgh, or available on line. They offer 11 different calf widths on every shoe size, so you will DEFINITELY get pair to fit you perfectly. They aren’t cheap, but they have some styles available on their Duo outlet page, for about £130. And if you have a beautiful pair of boots which fit perfectly for 5-8 years, is that better than having to buy a cheap badly fitting pair that have fallen apart, every 2-3 years?

If I have been a good girl this year I’m hoping Santa is buying either the snake print ankle boots for me, or the red suede knee boots. However, I’ve had a sneak preview of the “naughty list” and I’m not holding out much hope!! Tell me which are your favourites, in the “comments” box below. 🎅🏻 Merry Christmas to all Lesser Mortasl!! 🎁

boots duo slimboots red or dead shuh

  1. Feronia dove grey knee high boot. £275. Ted and Muffy  Size 2-10. In standard and wide fit widths on the foot. Vintaged leather look. Suit all calf widths
  2. Black rioting Rita boots. £120. Red or Dead at Schuh. Size 3-8. Available in black and tan. 100% leather with rubber sole. Suit a wider calf.

boots ted and muffy ankle slimboots Office Vagabond

  1. Medusa ankle boot. £200. Ted and Muffy  Size 2-9 with 3 foot width fittings. Snake printed leather. Suit all calf widths.
  2. Haley mid boot £120. Vagabond at Office.  Size 3-8. Suede upper. Also in black. Suit a narrower calf.

boots russel and bromleyboots office velvet

  1. Luana-dry ankle boot. £275. Russel and Bromley. Size 3-9 and half sizes. Weather resistant calf leather & snake print panel at back, padded foot bed. Available in black and navy suede. Suit medium calf widths.
  2. Ink block velvet boot. £80. Office. Size 3-8. Velvet upper. Also black, grey and tan suede. Suit slim to average calf width.

boots Next wide fitboots LK BENN

  1. Black wedge long boots. £40. Next. Size 3-9 in reg and wide foot and leg fit. made from textile uppers. Suit a wider calf width.
  2. Keri knee high suede boots. £325. LK Bennet. Size 35-42. Available in grey, blue and black too. 100% stretch suede boot. These are totally gorgeous and quite slim fitting around the calf.

I hope you liked these styles, and are ready to hit the sales with your Christmas money clutched in your sticky mitts!! If you want any help, contact me through comments, or my website VickySmithStyling.

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Voluptuous Velvet you can’t do without

velvet armanivelvet chris kanevelvet puccivelvet givenchy

Photos from  feature Armani, Christopher Kane, Emilio Pucci and Givenchy

Can We Lesser Mortals wear velvet without looking like an 80’s throwback (yes – remember those Ra Ra Christmas dresses??)

How many of you Lesser Mortals have been clothes shopping recently? Well, according to the High Street, I shall expect all of you to be sitting in offices or doing your shopping in the supermarket, wearing full velvet, sequins, shiny party dresses and blinged up to the eye balls……because that’s pretty much all that’s on offer in the shops. Try and buy a normal cardi and skirt, and you’re struggling. Come on High Street???? We’re not all clubbing every night from now till the Big Man slips down the chimney! (I meant Santa) So is velvet just for parties? Tricky – it inherently looks quite smart doesn’t it? There are basically 3 types of velvet you will find. Velour is much more fluid and floaty, but can look really cheap and nasty. Velveteen, which is kind of like cord, but no ribs in the fabric. This is much more wearable day to day. And proper velvet, which has a deeper pile, and is more lush to look at. (You won’t find much of that around as it’s quite expensive)  I would say that velveteen as a jean or skirt, is quite wearable – you can add a chunky piece of knitwear and boots and it becomes a day to day look. A velveteen pencil skirt would be fine for work, with a blouse or fine gauge knitwear. Velvet boots or ankle boots would be ok for work or day wear (with plain skirts) or with jeans. I would even say a velveteen jacket would be ok for day to day, over flared jeans, skirts etc, but it would depend what colour you choose, and your style. Red velvet jackets do scream “Daddy Christmas” unless you are a boho rock chick. Be really careful with velour. It can look rather cheap and nasty when made badly, and it nearly always has a sheen, making it more “occasion” wear.

As usual, I have raked around to find some titillating velvets to tickle your taste buds. Let me know your thoughts. (polite ones please) 😜

velvet trs and jacket bodenvelvet jacket green top shop

  1. Velvet jacket £129 and trousers £69. Boden Sizes 6-22. Cotton elastane mix. Dry clean only. Available in red, black, beige and navy, so a colour to suit all skin and hair colours. It’s probably a bit much for a lot of you to wear both the jacket and trousers, but on its own, the jacket will look good over flared jeans or for the office, wear with a smart skirt of trousers. The jacket finishes at the top of your thighs, so not great for pear shaped ladies. The trousers have a low waist, so they are good for elongating your body length. However, as they are slim in shape, they are not good for hippy ladies. They will suit boyish best.
  2. Premium tux velvet jacket. £75 Topshop.  Size 4-16. Forest green colour. Polyester elastane mix- more velour looking. Dry clean only. This nips in at waist, and will suit busty women. Other body shapes will be able to wear, depending on whether you wear it fastened, and what you wear underneath.

velvet ginger dress monsoonvelvet shoes zara

  1. Ginger velvet midi dress. £149. Monsoon. Size 8-22. Viscose silk mix. Dry clean only. Although this is an lush looking fabric, I think you could dress this down with flat knee boots, as well as wearing it for parties. Due to its high waist band, it is suitable for apple shapes & boyish, but others shapes could wear it- it just may not flatter your body shape as much.
  2. High Heeled velvet ankle boots. £59.99. Zara. Sizes 3-8. 100% polyester. These are suitable for all!! (unless you have bunions!)

velvet skirt top shopvelvet gap

  1. Embossed velvet skirt. £68. Top Shop. Size 4-16. Polyester elastane mix. Machine washable. The waistband on your waist, and is midi length. The fullness of the skirt will hide large hips so it’s good for pear shapes. It will give shape to boyish figures and compliments hourglass figures. Top heavy ladies will also suit this if worn with a fitted top.
  2. Velvet side zip pull on leggings. £39.99. Gap. US sizes 0-20 (whatever!!!!) and in tall and petite sizes. Cotton polyester elastane mix. Machine washable. Available in black, navy, grey, burgundy, forest green. Due to their stretchy nature, some hippy ladies can wear these, but they are better for boyish or top heavy and hourglass with slimmer hips.

velvet dress monsoonvelvet monsoon tunic

  1. Nicolette embellish lace velvet dress. £79. Monsoon. Size 8-22.Polyester elastane mix. Machine washable. Available in berry and black. A body con style dress, which is best on hourglass ladies, with flat tummies! Possibly suit boyish too, if you have boobs.
  2. Kalika velvet tunic dress. £149. Monsoon. Size 8-18. Viscose nylon mix. Dry clean only. The V neck, 3/4 sleeves etc will suit apple shaped ladies best. Some boyish may like too. It can be worn over skinny jeans too.

I hope all that velvet has got you thinking. Would you wear it during the day, or do you think it’s special occasion only? If you would like a one to one session with me, see my website GIFT vouchers are a great idea to ask for at Christmas.

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What clothes should I buy in the sales?

Shop Window With Sale Banners. Shopping Series.

Can We Lesser Mortals find some summer sale bargains we can wear in winter?

The sales are here, and I’m sure lots of Lesser Mortals have rushed into town, and bought some reduced items to wear on summer holidays. However, at the back of your mind is the fact that it is already mid July, and you might only have a few weeks left to wear these garments before the weather changes. So what should you buy in the sales? If you are a savvy shopper, you will have already realised you are going to have to replace last years winter coat, and your leather boots have got holes in, and you might have a special Christmas party coming up!! Whilst it seems ridiculous to be thinking about it now, have you remembered how skint you usually are by October,? Because you’ve got to factor in buying Christmas presents, which is exactly why you never replaced your winter coat in the sales last year!!! Here are some suggestions which have great reductions but which I think you will get good wear out of, in winter. Let me know if you buy any of these things – always nice to chat ( see comments box below)

sale ss2015 pear KM ss2015 apple monsoon dressss2015 sequin jacket ted baker


  1. Kimono sleeve dress Was £215 now £105. Karen Millen. Size 6-16. 100% polyester. Dry clean only. I love this dress and it will really suit red heads! The  beading detail and rushed skirt will suit pear shapes best, but it will also suit other body shapes.
  2. Gracie dress. Was £169 now £35. Monsoon. Size 6-14. 100% polyester. Machine washable. Does this remind you of Marilyn Monroe? Beautiful halter neck dress which will suit apple shaped ladies! For winter, accessorise with metallic gold, or silver, shoes and handbag.
  3. Sequin bomber jacket Was £249 now £125. Ted Baker. Sizes 6-16. Viscose, polyester, polyamide mixes. How many times do you have a lovely party frock and no jacket to wear with it? It even looks great with jeans too!! Suits most body shapes, especially hourglass if it finishes at waist level.

sale 2015 Hourglass KM ss2105 leather reiss boyish:pear


  1. Textured cotton coat. Was £275 now £135. Karen Millen. Size 8-14. Cotton elastane – dry clean only. Normally I only have one winter coat, but I recently discovered the value of having a brighter lighter weight coat to keep me feeling summery in spring and autumn. This is perfect! This is good for most body shapes, apart from apple shapes.
  2. Black leather bomber jacket. Was £495 now £245. Reiss. Faux fur collar but lambs leather body. I always buy leather in the sales, as you get better quality leather for your money. I like this as most other styles are biker, and this bomber jacket is a little more versatile. It will suit most body shapes unless you are very busty.

sale 2015 lk bennet bootssale 2015 silver bag

  1. Betsy leather ankle boot. Was £275 not £165. LK Bennett. Leather. Again, if you buy in the sales, you get a much better quality boot, and don’t kid yourself that you’ll find cheaper in winter – the winter prices are always a shock after summer. These will look good with skinnies and skirts. They will elongate shorter wider feet.
  2. Grey Agosta Zip Tote was £229 now £114. Jigsaw.  Italian leather. Up to date tote which makes shopping with the girls a stylish pass time!! Good for summer or winter.

So if you want to save money, you need to buy ahead in the sales, and whilst it seems ridiculous to be thinking of winter when you haven’t had your summer holiday yet, you will give yourself a pat on the back, when you notice all the winter clothes are SO expensive. I am currently taking lots of clients sale shopping now. If you are interested, see 

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