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Photos of tweed courtesy of : Chanel, Loewe, Balenciaga and Isabel Marant

Can We Lesser mortals wear tweed and not look like we’re wearing a car rug?

I am astonished this winter, by how many High Street trends have been around for a good few seasons. If you took earlier advice from this blog, you will still be bang on trend, and it hasn’t cost you a penny!! Lets face it, keeping up with trends makes us look younger, which is something we all want, whatever our age? Right?

Can we carry off tweed without looking like we’ve raided Granny’s wardrobe ( which is fine if you are 18 but not if you are 48)? Firstly, to keep tweed looking young and fresh, look at the style of the clothes it has been made into. The culottes and top are definitely modern not fuddy duddy styles. No granny points there. Secondly, you need to look at how you style it. The mini skirt is matched with a leather biker style jacket and the fringed coat is styled with ankle boots and a mini skirt ( if bare legs aren’t your thing, then opaque tights work too). Tweed jackets also look great with skinnies or flared jeans. No granny points there either. And thirdly what accessories? Cardi’s, pearl necklaces and Mary Jane shoes, are going to add about 15 years to your perceived age. I would wear knee boots, ankle boots, converses, heels etc. Chunky crop knits, pendants & cold shoulder tops are all very modern, so again, no granny points. Finally –  no 15 denier flesh coloured tights please.

So do you feel the need for tweed? Can you guess what I’d buy….? The culottes and the fringed coat are my kind of tweed. What’s yours? Answers in comment box below!!


  1. Likka cropped trousers. £89. Coast. Size 6-18. Polyester wool acrylic mix. Dry clean only. Wide leg trousers are great for pear shapes, hourglass and top heavy ladies. Petite ladies are better with a longer length trouser.
  2. Wide leg checked trouser with wool. £49.50. M and S. Size 6-22. Some sizes are available in short and long lengths. Wool acrylic polyamide mix. Dry clean only. These trousers look quite fitted over the hip area, so best for apple, boyish and top heavy ladies.


  1. Houndstooth jacket. £79.99. Zara Size XS to L. Viscose acrylic polyester mix. Washable.  This stylish jacket/coat which will look fab with skinny jeans. Probably not amazingly warm though. This style will suit apple and boyish best, but other shapes can wear it too.
  2. Tweed coat. £325. Karen Millen. Size 6-16. Alpaca, acrylic, cotton, polyamide, polyester mix. Dry clean only. This style will suit hourglass and pear shapes best. Top heavy may get away with it.


  1. Fringed tweed skirt. £125. Karen Millen. Size 6-16. Acrylic, polyester, cotton, polyamide mix. Dry clean only. I  love that this is a feminine pink tweed, and the frayed hem keeps it modern, This will suit boyish and  hourglass best.
  2. Fringed tweed jacket. £199. Karen Millen. Size 6-16. Acrylic, polyamide, cotton, polyester mix. Dry clean only. You could buy both these pieces, and have the option of a suit, and skirt and a jacket. On its own, this jacket is fab with wide leg trousers, flared jeans/cords and any skirt – leather? The high neck and boxy shape is not going to flatter big busts. So best for boyish, and pear shapes if they chose what they wear on their bottom half, wisely.


  1. Black and white brushed check mini skirt. £28. Next. Size 6-22. Polyester, acrylic mix. Machine washable. (the jacket is £160 and green leather – a good price) It is a straight-ish fit, so best for boyish & apple shapes.
  2. Frayed tweed top. £29.99. Zara. Size XS to Xl. Acrylic, polyester, cotton, viscose mix. Dry clean only. Suits most body shapes unless you are very busty.


  1. Tweed floppy skater dress. £42. Oasis. Size XS-L. Polyester, viscose, elastane mix. Machine washable. Suits hourglass, boyish and pear shapes best.
  2. Navy harris tweed jacket. £145. Next. Size 6-20. 100% wool. As there are no care instructions, assume it’s dry clean only. The great contrast lining means when you roll your sleeves up, you can see a flash of stripe. This will suit hourglass, and boyish best. Pear shapes will depend what you style it with.

I hope you can see that tweed can be really stylish and isn’t old fashioned at all. It’s pretty timeless too, meaning you can wear it year after year without it dating. If you have any queries or would like advice for a particular event or situation, you can contact me through my website

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6 chic tweed styles you have to see!

tweed 2016 pradatweed 2016 chaneltweed 2016 miu miutweed 2016 chanel 2

Tweed images, courtesy of and PradaChanelMiu Miu & Chanel

 Lesser Mortals – do we need a nice bit of tweed?!

Tweed can be a marmite trend can’t it?  Lots of ladies are worried it’s going to make them look like a granny, especially if you are in your late 40’s and 50’s. But that’s part of the “look” really – a bit of geek chic, embracing a touch of retro. I think any age can get away with a tweed coat without too much difficulty. A tweed Jackie O style jacket is pretty timeless, and will work well with this summer’s high waisted flared trousers/jeans,  To wear in a modern way,  tweed garments can be co-ordinated with graphic patterns, big sleeves or ruffles and shiny metallics (all on trend this summer). I’m pretty sure Miss Marple never wore anything like that!! So give tweed a chance, and have a gander at the suggestions below!!

tweed biker coat warehousetweed top Zara

  1. Textured raw edge biker coat. £95. Warehouse. Size 6-18. Polyester, wool, acrylic, viscose mix. Dry clean only. This will suit most body shapes.
  2. Tweed top £29.99 Zara Size XS-L  Acrylic, polyester, viscose, cotton mix. This is a very boxy shape, so not good for busty women. It will be better on boyish and pear shapes.

tweed shift FCUKtweed KM dress

  1. Riviera tweed tunic dress. £150. French Connection. Size 6-16. Polyester cotton mix. Dry clean only. This will suit boyish and apple shapes best.
  2. Fit and flare strip tweed dress. £180. Karen Millen. Size 6-16. Cotton polyester mix. Dry clean only. This cunningly patterned dress creates curves, but it won’t fit big busted ladies. Boyish and pear shapes, will be able to wear this.

tweed pencil skirt Nexttweed 2016 trousers top shop

  1. Navy textured skirt. £28. Next.  Size 6-22 in petite, reg and tall sizes. Polyester viscose mix. Machine washable. This style has a slight A line to it. Depending on the size you buy, this could sit on your waist or hips, but will still suit boyish, top heavy, and hourglass best.
  2. Check peg trousers. £40. Top shop. Size 4-14. Polyester, viscose elastane mix. Machine washable. The peg shape will give a bit of volume to hip areas, so these will suit boyish and top heavy ladies best.

tweed 2016 shorts and jackt zara

  1. Checked bermuda short £19.99 Zara. Size XS-L Polyester elastane mix.  Machine washable.  These high waisted  shorts are going to suit boyish, top heavy and hourglass. They are quite tight on the thigh, so will not fit if you have thicker legs.
  2. Short blazer. £49.99. Zara Size XS-L Polyester, viscose elastane mix. Dry clean only. This stylish jacket will suit boyish best, but pear shapes and hourglass can wear, depending on what bottoms they choose to pair them with. The boxy shape will make big boobs, look bigger.

I have to say, I quite like the peg trousers ( a real blast from the 80’s past) and the Zara top. What about you? Still not convinced? I Think it is very smart and classic if you are that kind of gal, but if you are more “out there” than it can also be a real fashion statement. If you fancy a one to one with me, then contact me through my website Vicky Smith Styling

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6 items to kick start your interest in this AW2015 fashions

autumn leaves

Can We Lesser Mortals jump start our shopping mojo this AW2015?

So….. kids back at school (check), holiday clothes washed and put away (check), tan beginning to fade (check), slight depression as weather deteriorates (check), more depression as you realise shops are starting to sell Christmas cards (check) and lastly, realisation that summer’s over and winter is on it’s way (check, check, check). So what would any sane person do who’s feeling a little down? Get some therapy – and I aim to give you a little retail therapy to get you excited, and start frothing the mouth at the thought of going shopping. If you are still paying off your summer holidays, don’t worry – it takes a while for the high winter stuff to arrive into the shops, and there’s always that “Christmas list” for the more expensive items! ……..(like the leather jacket I’m coveting). Frankly, I’m a bit sick of florals now, as they have been around for a while but with this AW2015 fashions, there is a movement away from romantic florals to more graphic designs. Anyway…put your feet up and….enjoy.

Let your appetite be wetted! (which is your favourite? – let me know in comments box… I like the 70’s dress, though I’m quite partial to the batwing dress too!!)


autumn 2015 winter inspiration Zara autumn 2015 inspiration from karen millen


  1. Herringbone trousers. £49.99 Zara. Sizes XS to L. Poly acrylate and wool mix. These wide leg trousers have been difficult to find lately, but alleluia, here are some stylish ones. They are also fab if you like the vintage look. Suits pear shapes, top heavy, boyish and hourglass.
  2. Belted stripe dress. £160. Karen Millen. Sizes 6-16. Polyester viscose elastane mix. The whole batwing thing is reminiscent of the 80’s and these silhouettes really flatter pear shapes.

Autumns 2015 inspiration m and s autumn 2015 winter inspiration boden


  1. Bohemia floral kimono dress. £45. Marks and spencers. Sizes 8-20. No mention of composition, but I think it’s 100% polyester, so it should be washable. A very forgiving dress with stylish floaty appeal. You can either use the fabric belt or use your own leather belt to tie in under bust line. If you do, this should suit apple shapes and larger busted ladies as well as other shapes.
  2. Ledbury pea coat. £169. Boden. Size 6-22. Wool polyamide mix. This colour will work well as a stylish coat to wear in early autumn and spring, or wear it as a 60’s inspired retro coat, right through the winter. Either way – it will really suit boyish figures.

autumn 2105 winter inspiration all saintsautumn 2-15 inspiration warehouse

  1. Delliance embroidered Leela shirt. £169. All saints. Sizes 2-14. Cotton nylon mix. Hand washable. Satisfy you inner goth, with this victoriana inspired blouse. Suits most body shapes.
  2. Paisley babydoll dress. £48. Warehouse. Size 6-18. 100% viscose. Machine washable. This lovely loose swing style is going to be great with opaque tights and boots. It should suit pear shapes, boyish and some apple shapes.

Feeling inspired yet? It’s SO exciting when a new season starts, and if you need me to pop along, sort out your wardrobe and enthuse about clothes and shopping, then you can contact me through my website here

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5 ways for women to wear tweed in Spring 2015

Can We Lesser Mortals wear tweed this spring, and look trendy not frumpy?

At this time of year, it’s hard to work out what’s going to be “in fashion” in the spring, as all the shops seem to have different things on display. My experience in retail head offices has shown me it’s fine balancing act between getting rid of old sale stock (but  the shops may look old and tired), and bringing in the high summer stuff, which is exciting but stops the sale stuff selling!! A good compromise though, is the Chanel/”Jackie O” style tweeds, which are warm, more brightly coloured, and new. Not all the shops have chosen to embrace this look, sticking to black (yawn) or going too summery, which is exciting, but no-one is buying yet. These will give you a good 3-4 months of wear, and will allow you to stretch summer/autumn at the end of September, without having to bring out your grey/black/navy jumpers. They don’t have to make you look like an old lady. See what you think. Let me know if you’d buy any?

twedd Zara cardi coat tweed marks and spencers coat

  1. Multicoloured coat. £69.99. Zara. Sizes XS-Xl. cotton acrylic mix. Not many available online, but I suspect they are awaiting deliveries. It’s too early for them to have sold out yet. Lovely and bright, and could be belted in as well as worn loose. Best on tall, busty or apple shaped ladies.
  2. Italian fabric textured coat. £89. Marks and Spencers. sizes 8-16. Cotton, polyester, acrylic, and viscose. Dry clean only. A lighter weight tweed type coat in classic cut and design. Can’t imagine this dating, and it’s very eye catching. Would suit boyish and apple shapes best.



tweed warehouse top twees karen millen dress


  1. Boucle bell sleeved top. £25. Warehouse. Sizes 6-18. 100% acrylic. Machine washable. Covers the top of your arms if you are self conscious. Would suit pear shape, boyish and possibly hour glass too.
  2. Neon tweed dress. £160. Karen Millen. Sizes 6-16. Polyamide, polyester, cotton mix. Dry clean only.This nips in nicely at the waist and has an A-line skirt, so will suit pear shapes and some boyish figures. I think it will be quite tight at the bust for an hourglass figure.

tweed marks and spences tweed outfit

  1. Open front zipped jacket £59 Tweed textured mini skirt £35. Marks and Spencers. Sizes 8-22. Cotton polyester acrylic mix. The jacket has no fastenings. This is a light weight suit, which can be worn as separates. It comes in 2 lengths, 18 and 21″.  This will suit boyish, slight pear shapes and as the waist band sits on the waist, may suit hourglass too.

Hopefully this has inspired you to cast off your winter blues, and nip into the shops for a bit of retail therapy. Tweed doesn’t have to be Miss Marple-esque. Don’t forget you can book me for personal styling sessions to help you understand your own body shape.



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Can We Lesser mortals wear tweed without looking like Miss Marple?

d and G tweed 2013

D and G are showing some amazing classic tweed pieces, along with some of the other Fashion Houses. “Gorgeous and wearable” I hear you say… least Grace Kelly got away with it! But if you are approaching mid-life, have a figure more reminiscent of Olivia Colman than Victoria Beckham, and really struggle with heels, can you get away with it? Fear not Lesser Mortals, there are many items out there, more suited to our pockets, and that will fit all shapes and sizes. It is important to look at what shoes and accessories you wear with your tweed pieces, and I needn’t say that a Lesser Mortal in tweed, woolly tights and brogues doesn’t stand a chance……

3 tweeds 2013 1

  1. Tailored tweed coat. Karen Millen £275. This coat has woven matt metallic sleeves, and I think it escapes the Miss Marple look because of the sleeves, and because of its Crombie shape. It has lovely tucks at the back, which may allow room if you have wider hips. It is made of Alpaca wool, cotton and mohair. Will look great with flat shoes too.
  2. Bronze textured jacket – Next £45. In an up to date Chanel style, you can chuck this jacket on over a pair of jeans, skinnies and brogues or Chelsea boots, and definitely not look like you are stalking deer. It is a polyester wool mix.
  3. Bronze textured skirt – Next £30. this A line shape flatters curvier shapes and can be worn with a simple jumper and heels or knee length boots. You can pair with the jacket above, and go for a real Jackie O look, for £75!!

3 tweeds 2013 2

  1. Here is another Karen Millen style: Herringbone tweed jersey dress £190. I think Karen Millen have done this tweed look well, because they have given it an urban edge. Hobbs can be a bit country gent and so can Joules.The shape is great for hour glass and pear shapes. It could also work on boyish figures. Fabric is faux leather, wool cotton and elastane.
  2. Tweed waistcoat Ted Baker.£129. Here’s a quirky tweed waistcoat from Ted Baker which isn’t just for work situations. How about teaming with a leather pencil skirt, or berry waxed jeans and a silk shirt? Maybe wear a leather jacket over, rather than a tweed one, to look less country set.
  3. Checked blazer with elbow patches. Zara £69.99. These types of jacket are so versatile, that you can wear in formal and informal situations. I would sling it over some jeans at the weekend, or wear with a skirt or dress during the week. Tall women may struggle with the arm length, but Long Tall Sally do one without the elbow patches.

If you like what you have seen, please take a look at my website or give me a call or text on 07976 635518.

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