3 ways to wear metallic skirts

Metallics put a lot of ladies off, but I find them really easy to wear. They don’t crease too much, and the fabrics can be really fluid to touch. I like to think I can find a smart way to wear everything, a casual way and an in-between or work way. Here are some ideas.


This is my total “going out” look. With a silk T shirt, and a sequin jacket.


This time, I’ve worn it with a casual cream jumper and brogues. Because silver isn’t really a colour, it will work with any other colour – reds, greens, blues, whatever you fancy. I do wear it with flat knee boots and jumpers during a normal day.


I’ve given it a smart casual urban look – big ring, ankle boots and a lace jacket. I would wear this for drinks in the evening, but since I work in a fashion environment, I would wear this to work too.

If you find you are stuck for ideas with your own wardrobe, a one-to-one can generate new ideas without you having to go out and buy anything new. Look at my website for info. www.vickysmithstyling.co.uk

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