7 novel ideas for wearing the Japanese trend

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Can We Lesser Mortals wear this Japanese trend without looking like a piece of Origami?

Catwalks aside.. we all know following fashion to the extreme, can lead to some very embarrassing fashion faux pas. But this Japanese trend – does it involve rubbing nightingale pooh on our faces? Or hobbling around in a pair of “geta” (the flip flop things they wear)? Believe you and me, it’s hard enough teetering across cobbles in a pair of wedges, without handicapping yourself with a pair of knitting needles in your hair too. And that’s where my blog comes in to its own – no ridiculous “fashion suggestions”, just sensible High Street ideas – easy on the purse and easy on the eye. What do you think? Su-shi or not su-shi….that is the question!!!

japanese jacket monsoon japanese kimono oasis


  1. Helena jacket. £199. Monsoon. I think this is a bit OTT with the dress, but I can imagine the jacket working really well over jeans and heels. Sizes 6-18. Polyester, cotton metallic mix. Dry clean only. Great for apple shapes, plus tall ladies!
  2. Oriental belted kimono jacket. £45. Oasis. Sizes XS to L. 100% polyester. Machine washable. Very versatile, you could wear this as a cover up on the beach, or dressed up at night. It would work on just about all body shapes.

japanese jumper phase eight japanese top whistles


  1. Sakura oriental print jumper. £69. Phase Eight. Size XS to L. 100% cotton. Machine washable. Fabulous for cheering up a pair of jeans. Will suit pear and boyish shapes best, but other shapes will get away with it too.
  2. Honu demi drape bamboo top. £160. Whistles. Sizes 4-16. Not sure what it’s made of, but dry clean only. Perfect for ladies with bigger busts, and hourglass. You can team with the trousers below, for a jumpsuit look.

japanese kimono dress phase 8


  1. Chantay rose dress. £120. Phase Eight. Sizes 8-18. 100% polyester. Machine washable. I LOVE the print on this dress. The sleeves are perfect if you are self conscious about the top of your arms. This will suit hourglass figures and boyish. Avoid if top heavy.

japanese culottes whistles japanese trousers Next

  1. Noronha bamboo culottes. £160. Whistles. Size 4-16. Dry clean only. Cool and floaty culottes, these will be great for tall top heavy ladies, and pear shaped ladies.
  2. Border print wide leg trouser. £36. Next. Size 6-22 petite, reg, long and ex-long. 100% polyester. How about these as an alternative to a maxi skirt in summer?? You don’t have to match with the blouse if it’s too over powering.Perfect for top heavy, and boyish ladies.

It’s a really distinctive fashion isn’t it? Different from the run of the mill trends. Do you think you’ll give it a go? Let me know, or send me a photo. For more ideas you can check out my Pinterest, Instagram, twitter feeds.

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9 rubbery ways to embrace the Scuba trend!!


Can We Lesser Mortals wear neoprene (Scuba) without looking like Jacques Cousteau?

Ok, another aged reference for Lesser Mortals, but you can find him on Wikipedia!! Anyhoo….has anyone else noticed this funny rubbery fabric in the shops at the moment? What is it? Is it safe? Can I wear it? Well, it’s a man-made fabric, and my sources in “the know” says it’s called “scuba” (kind of obvious, huh?) So, is it socially acceptable? Do I need to wear cotton underwear if I wear it? My advice as a “personal stylist” would be: It offers more support than normal jersey fabric (i.e. holds the wobbles better), but it is still as cheap – and it doesn’t crease, so would be great on holidays. Obvious down sides are, it is nylon, so could be sweaty in high summer. I guess it’s like marmite – you either love it or you hate it. Here are some suggestions.

scuba skirts ideas

  1.  Seamer crystal droplets skirt. £99. Ted Baker. Size 6-16. Polyester elastane mix. Machine washable. As this is virtually A line, it will suit pear shapes, hourglass, boyish and some bigger chested women.
  2. Jaymie Scube top. £45. Coast. Sizes 6-16. Polyester elastane mix. Machine washable. Figure hugging, and a V halter neck style, this will flatter boyish and hourglass if you are not too well endowed. The bonus is, if worn with the skirt, it looks like a dress.
  3. Jaymie Scuba skirt. £55. Coast. Size 6-18. Polyester elastane mix. Machine washable. The black band draws attention to you waist, and so this will suit slight pear shapes, boyish, hourglass and top heavy ladies.

scuba trouser ideas

  1. Striped patchwork tube dress. £45.99. Zara. Size XS-L (6-14). Polyester elastane mix. Machine washable. Due to the horizontal stripes, best to avoid if pear shaped, but better if boyish, or slightly busty. Would make a good work dress.
  2. Friyo geometric floral dress. £139. Ted Baker. Size 6-16. Polyester elastane mix. Hand washable. I like that this will offer a little more substance for a body con type dress, as we’re all conscious of our tummies. Suits slight pear shape and boyish figures.
  3. High waisted pinstripe trousers. £39.99. Zara. Size XS-L. (6-14). Polyester viscose elastane mix. Machine washable. Crop trousers are all the rage this summer. Wear with flat pumps, ankle boots, or sandals in summer. Good enough for work. Best for boyish shapes.

scuba dress marks 2

  1. Aristo floral scuba body con dress. £55. Marks and Spencers. Sizes 6-22. Polyester elastane, machine washable. Don’t panic that this is body con, you don’t have to wear it skin tight, and as I mentioned, the fabric is quite robust. Suit boyish, slight apple and hourglass who are not too well endowed.
  2. Willow scuba shift dress. £45. Marks and Spencers. Sizes 6-24. Polyester elastane mix. Machine washable. Possibly looser in style than the one above. Best for slight tummies and boyish shapes.
  3. Panelled scuba body con dress. £49.50. Twiggy for Marks and Spencers. Size 8-24. Polyester elastane. Machine washable. More flattering shape, as there is a V neck for larger chests, and slight rushing over the tummy to hie lumps and bumps. Will suit hourglass best.

Hope this has nudged your interest enough for you to think, I’ll have look next time I’m in the shops. If you want any more help – put a comment, or email me here

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