Check out these gorgeous gingham garments!!

Gingham fashions courtesy of Peter PilottoD and G, Michael Kors and House of Holland

Can We Lesser Mortals wear gingham and not look like we blew in from the Windy City? (Doris Day)

Whip crack away, whip crack away, whip crack away!! Howdy partners! Gingham I hear you say…well I’m either going to look like Dorothy, without the Wizard of Oz, or I’m going to look like an extra from Calamity Jane (Doris Day don’t you know) Not so – the modern twist on gingham means you can find mature styles which are appropriate to your age and life style. Additionally, I would recommend that you take care when you find it styled up with frills, ruffles and embroidery, as you may start to look like a pair of curtains in a transport caff or in “Allo Allo”!

How to wear gingham:

Do think about what colour suits you best – most of the styles in the shops are black and white, which I find drains me. As a result, I’ve looked for other colours to flatter your skin tone. The check pattern will attract attention to it, so wear it over your best feature (boobs if you like them, bum if you like that) The off the shoulder styles are very fashionable this summer, and this can make shoulders look broader. Full frilled skirts can draw eyes downwards away from larger busts. So think about where your best and worst features are before you try on.

Finally, gingham can be smart and casual. The Boden trousers featured below can be office appropriate when worn with a blazer, and the Warehouse gingham dress would be perfect for a formal lunch.

So don’t ignore gingham this summer….check it out ( get it? check..gingham??)

  1. Off the shoulder gingham blouse. £17.99. H and M Size 6-20. 100% cotton. Machine washable. This blouse will make shoulders look broader so is best for pear shapes and boyish figures. Apple shapes and larger chest, may get away with it too. Hourglass ladies could wear it belted in. or tucked into trousers or skirts which show off their waists.
  2. Richmond gingham trousers £59.50. Boden Size 6-22. Petite, regular and long length. Cotton elastane mix. Machine washable. Drawing eyes downwards, these trousers will suit top heavy, boyish, and some hourglass ladies,

  1. Gingham dress. £56. Warehouse. Size 6-18. 100% cotton. Machine washable. This A line style will work perfectly for pear shapes, as well as boyish figures.
  2. Gingham ruched sleeve blouse £35. Warehouse. Size 6-18. 100% cotton. Machine washable. Slightly loose in shape, this will suit boyish best, but apple shapes can wear it, and some pear shapes – watch the trumpet sleeves don’t accentuate your hips.

  1. Gingham check cardi. £59.99, Zara Size XS-XL. Cotton polyester elastane mix. Hand washable. These little jackets from Zara are very popular and easy to wear. Best for pear and boyish. Other shapes will get away with it if worn undone.
  2. Gingham frilled skirt. £29.99. Zara Size XS-XL. 100% cotton, machine washable. Adding volume to the lower part of the body, this skirt will balance a large chest out nicely. It can add curves to boyish figures.

  1. Nina Gingham dress. £149. Coast  Size 6-18 100% polyester. Dry Clean only. This dress will highlight your shoulders, and skim over hips, so is good for pear shapes, and boyish ladies. If your bust isn’t too big, it will suit hourglass shapes too.
  2. Wendy bow wedges. £39. Top Shop  Size 3-8. 100% textile. Specialist clean.How cute are these? Perfect for beach holidays and casual occasions.

  1. MOTO gingham shorts £32. Top Shop Size 6-18. 100% cotton. Machine washable. Ok, so you’ve got to a have a cute butt for these or long slim legs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them if you’re over thirty!! Best for long legs and boyish figures
  2. Gingham check shorts. £25.99 Mango. Size S-L. polyester cotton, Machine washable. Stylish shorts with a slightly longer cut. The retro shape means these will suit hourglass best, but will also work on top heavy, boyish and pear shape if the hem doesn’t sit on the widest point of your hips.

Do you think you could wear gingham? Have you looked at it now with a fresh perspective? It wasn’t something I was immediately drawn to, but since looking, I’ve seen quite a few styles I would wear. If you want help you can ask me in the comments box, or email me via my website

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8 damn good ways to wear denim

fendi fashions

Can We Lesser Mortals wear denim without looking like a school caretaker??

In previous posts, I mentioned the revival of the 70’s style fashions. And this, of course, means denim is going to be wardrobe staple for the summer. Everyone has a pair of jeans, and this summer you wear them skinny or flared. You can dig out your old denim skirts, but avoid the Yummy Mummy look if you want to be on trend, and of course, you can wear a denim jacket. All of those are quite heavy weight for high summer, so I want to look at alternatives which may appeal to ladies who don’t really like constricting non-stretchy denim fabric, and may want something a bit lighter for summer. I particularly like the clutch at the bottom. Would you wear any of these? Am I catering for all your body shapes and budgets?

Did you know the words for denim and jeans, comes from France? One certain  blue twill came from Nimes in France – “serge de Nimes” hence, denim, and jeans came from the word for Genoa – Genes – where the trousers were made!! Not just a fashion blog!!

denim dress Oasis denim dress karen Millen


  1. Dita tencel dress £40. Oasis. 100% lyocell. Size 6-16. Machine washable. Will suit hourglass and boyish figures best. You may get away with if you are a bit busty or apple shaped.
  2. Denim print soft sleeveless dress. £170. Karen Millen.  Asked size 6-16. 100% viscose. Dry clean only. I think the tie-belt is not attached on the dress, so you can choose your own belt, or leave it off and wear as a tunic. Suit boyish best.

denim T shirt gap denim shirt G star

  1. 1969 tencel denim shirt. £34.99. Gap. Sizes XXS-XXL. 100% tencel. Machine washable. Suit apple and boyish best.
  2. Midge dumont slim shirt. £90. G Star. Size XS-XL Cotton elastane mix, machine washable. This will suit boyish, medium bust size, and pear shaped ladies.

denim skirt oasis denim jacket jack wills

  1. Denim paper bag skirt. £35. Oasis. Size 6-16. 100% cotton, Machine washable. This is tulip shaped, so best for boyish, and top heavy, but if you buy it to sit on the waist, hourglass ladies can wear too.
  2. Fairlawn blazer. £98.50. Jack Wills. Size 6-16. Polyester cotton elastane mix. Dry clean only. Suit hourglass, and boyish best, and some pear shapes can wear, but watch the hem doesn’t finish on the widest part of your hips.

denim shift All saints denim clutch whistles

  1. Kimney dress. £98. All Saints. Size 4-14. Tencel cotton mix. Delicate wash. How easy to wear this?? Suit apple shapes and boyish best.
  2. Clairmont clutch. £110. Whistles. 100 % cotton. Totally love this piece.

So let me know if you feel inspired to rush out and buy anything mentioned here. I like to think I am giving valuable information and helping you stay on trend and looking youthful. For a one to one, book me through

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Are checks in fashion this Autumn?

Can I wear dogtooth and houndstooth without looking like a chessboard?

There is a big fashion direction this year towards retro 60’s and checks, so this is where dogtooth and houndstooth fit in. There doesn’t seem to be any difference between them, but smaller check versions are apparently called puppy tooth! You can see from the above photo, there is a fine line between wearing too much…and getting it right. My fashion advice would be to wear less or more subtle versions as you get older, and leave the “full on” trend to the youngsters! Obviously, as a style consultant too, you need to look at what you wear it with, as well as your body shape! It is a trend though, that is quite classic and sophisticated, so if you prefer timeless pieces, this trend will be for you.

Here are some high street ideas, which I think are very wearable.

dogtooth john lewis ph 8 dressdogtooth pahse 8 dress

  1. Caley check dress. Currently on price match £63.20. Normally £80. Phase 8 at John Lewis. polyester, viscose, elastane mix. Hand washable. Zip at back. Sizes 8-18. Suits an hourglass figure, as well as being slightly longer in length and hiding the top of your arms. Would look great with a little red belt round the middle.
  2. Davina waffle dress. Currently £71.20 from £89. Phase eight. Polyester elastane mix. Sizes 8-18. A lovely variation of dogtooth in a different colour.  3/4 length sleeves. Suit boyish figures.

dogtooth ph8 jl coatdogtooth sleevelss coat temperly

  1. Bellona check coat. Phase eight at John Lewis. £104 on a price match. Normally £130. Wool polyester and acrylic. Sizes 8-18. Would suit a pear shape best.
  2. Over sized knitted jacket. £110. Somerset by Alice Temperley at John Lewis. Sizes S-L. Mixture of wool. acrylic, cashmere, nylon, viscose, cotton. Machine washable. Suit taller apple shapes. You could layer over a jumper, or even over a leather jacket or black coat for extra warmth. There is a trend for sleeveless coats this year.

dogtooth top shop trousersdogtooth JL jigsaw biker jkt

  1. Dogtooth cigarette trousers. Top Shop. £42. Polyester. acrylic, elastane. Sizes 4-16, and I saw it in petite too. Machine washable. Would suit top heavy ladies, boyish figures, and maybe some hourglass or slightly pear shapes could get away with. Karen Millen do something similar, but obviously more expensive. These are really classic, and would look great with flats or heels, office wear or evening!
  2. Dogtooth wollen Biker Jacket. Jigsaw at John Lewis. £169. 100% wool. Sizes S – L. Dry clean only. Suits boyish, some slight pear shapes, and hourglass.

dogtooth topshop scarf


  • Monochrome Dogtooth scarf. Top shop. £22. Dogtooth too much for you? Try a scarf to cosy up in winter. Available with a blue edge as well as pink. 100% acrylic.

Have you tried dogtooth before? Are there any items here you like, but want some advice on what to wear it with? Then put a comment below, and I’ll get back to you. Have you bought any pieces I’ve recommended and found the articles useful?

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