What’s a Lesser Mortal?

What’s the inspiration for We Lesser Mortals?

Ever sat leafing through fashion magasines, looking at beautiful images of stick thin 20 something models wearing Prada and Gucci and thought “That’s all very well, but what about We Lesser Mortals on earth, with less than perfect bodies, no money to buy designer items, and no time to look for alternatives?” 

The idea is that as you are dashing through the shopping centre after work, or dragging the kids through M and S and Next, or hoping to find some comfy shoes that won’t give you blisters or break your neck, then I have given you an idea of where to look and what to grab. The suggestions are all High Street, and readily available as mail order. Returns are much easier now, as “collect plus” allows you to drop things off at local shops and garages. I have avoided shops which you can only find in the big cities, as Lesser mortals often live in small towns and have never heard of lots of the shops featured in magazines. The question some will ask is ” Some Lesser Mortals worry they will look like Mutton dressed as Lamb” – but come on ladies, are you ready to chuck your fashion mojo overboard just yet? The older you are, the more you need to nod to a fashion trend rather than embrace it whole heartedly.

So are you a Lesser Mortal? If the answer is “hell yeh” then sign up to follow my blog, for your weekly fashion nudge.

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